Advice I Wish I Had as a Freshman

By Callie Booth

Starting your freshman year of College can be an overwhelming experience.  There are so many people to meet, learning to live with a roommate, so many clubs to join and classes to take during this important year.  Freshman year can be a wonderful time of growth and exploration, and it’s important to try to make the most of this year. This time of your life only comes once, and to help you adjust well to William & Mary, here is some advice that I wish that I had during my freshman year.  

  1. Try everything that you are interested in. College is a time to explore your interests, and develop new passions.  Do everything that you are interested in freshman year, especially your first semester. Go to that club meeting, take that class, start going to the rec, or do any other activity that you want to try out! Freshman year is a year of exploration inside and outside of the classroom, so take advantage of the resources available to you so you can explore your interests!
  1. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other people.  Coming into college, I was a huge introvert, and was always nervous to ask someone to hang out or grab a meal together.  However, I realized that many of my fellow students also had the same nervous feeling, which allowed me to become more confident and gave me the confidence to ask other people to hang out. .  Learning how to step a little out of your comfort zone and take the initiative to ask someone to do something with you can change the trajectory of your freshman year, and might help you make some lifelong friends.  Also, almost everyone on campus loves meeting new people and would love to make new friends!
  1. Develop effective study methods early. It’s important to place a lot of emphasis on your time management and study skills throughout the first few weeks of college.  These first few weeks are a crucial time to adjust to what classes at William & Mary are like, and develop strong foundations in introductory information that you learn in your classes.  Take the trip to Swem (or wherever you study best) and develop some study strategies that will give you a good foundation for the rest of your college career.  
  1. Read the Student Happenings emails. During your first week of classes, you’ll start getting an email called “Student Happenings” in your inbox twice a week.  Although it’s easy for it to get lost in all of the other emails you receive, I’d highly recommend making sure to read through all of the student happenings emails. Included in these emails are opportunities to get on-campus jobs, upcoming events, ways to get involved around campus, and many other important announcements for students. Personally, the information in the student happenings emails have helped me get an on-campus job, find many fun events (and many of these have free giveaways!), and find scholarship opportunities. These emails are an invaluable resource for all students! 
  1. Live in the moment.  Your freshman year of college will probably be one of the most memorable years of your life.  Between making new friends, exploring a new place, and transitioning to the beginning of your adult life, this year is full of changes. Constantly thinking about the next task that you need to complete can cause a lot of unadded stress and can cause you to miss out on spending time with your friends.  Take every opportunity you can to enjoy time with your friends, live in the moment, and take a break from worrying about your next assignment.  

About Callie

Callie is a rising sophomore originally from Rustburg, Virginia. She is planning on double majoring in psychology and sociology and hopes to attend law school or pursue a career in news journalism after college.  On campus, she is the Associate News Editor with the Flat Hat, writes for the Botetourt Squat, is on the executive team for Random Acts of Kindness Club, and an incoming Resident Assistant in Hardy Hall.  During her down time, she loves reading books, listening to Taylor Swift, and crocheting.  A fun fact about her is that she is certified to drive a forklift!

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