Process of Declaring a Major

Congratulations! Have you reached the credit limit or decided what major you’d like to pursue? Here’s a brief guide to declaring your major:

1. Decide your area of study

Do you want to declare a major, double major, major + minor? In what area would you like to study? You probably already have an idea of what you want to major in, but if still unsure try using degree works to see the specific requirements for majors you’re interested in. Degreeworks will tell you what classes you will need to take for your intended major/minor. This will be especially helpful later on for making a rough schedule of when you’ll take each required course. Also note that some majors have other requirements (ex. Business majors must apply to the Mason School of Business)

More info on how to choose a major:

2. Complete the Declaration of Major Form
This form will be what you submit to the University Registrar for official approval and declaration. On the form there’s a section to list required courses for your intended major and list when you will complete them / when you completed them. (This is where degree works comes in handy!) You must meet with your major advisor before submitting this form, but it’s a good idea to fill it out before meeting with them to fully understand the requirements you’ll need to complete.

3. Find and meet with your major advisor

Your major advisor must be in the academic discipline you intend to major in. Try making a list of professors you’ve taken a class with and/or have a good relationship with. For instance, my major advisor is also the professor I’m doing research with! After asking and settling on a major advisor, meet with them to discuss your future plans and complete the declaration of major form.

More info on major advisors: More information on declaring your major:

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