New dining updates!

With the beginning of a new academic year comes new updates in dining! There is a new way to dine with updated dining hall menus, new offerings, and local partnerships!

  • GrubHub Mobile Ordering 

By downloading the GrubHub app and connecting it to your William & Mary email, you gain the ability to mobile order at Chick-Fil-A, Marketplace, Boehly Cafe, Town Center Cold Pressed, and the food trucks. Grubhub connects your dining dollars or Tribe card to your account so you can pay using your dining plan!

  • New food trucks 

Two new local campus partner food trucks were introduced this year: Bumbling Bee, a vegan fast food truck, and Amma’s Curry in a Hurry, an Indian food truck. As discussed above, you can mobile order and pick up from the food trucks, but you can also purchase in-person. 

  • Farmers Market Tokens

Another exciting edition are the farmers market tokens! You can purchase tokens from the Student Exchange at $5 per token using your dining dollars or Tribe card. These tokens can be used at the Williamsburg Farmers Market on Saturdays!

  • Town Center Cold Pressed

Located in the ground floor of Sadler, is now Town Center Cold Pressed. This new location offers juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and other beverages!

  • Column 15

Located in Swem, Column 15 offers a variety of coffee and non-coffee beverages perfect for a study treat!

Arts at W&M 

The new Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall and arts quarter was recently unveiled to the public. This new section of campus houses all arts programs including dance, music, and theater. The two buildings  contain many studios, practice rooms, costume shop, offices, and more. Here are a few photos I captured of the new Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall! 

Dance warmup studio

Dance recital studio

Acting lab 

Dance classroom 

The ABC’s of William & Mary

From A to Z, William & Mary is composed of a multitude of organizations, events, opportunities, buildings, and more. Enjoy this list of the ABC’s of William & Mary. 

Academics – first and foremost the most important letter of W&M. Academics are the core purpose of the university. William & Mary offers over 115 majors in undergraduate arts & sciences as well as graduate programs. 

Bookstore – The bookstore is your one stop shop for textbooks, recreational reading, spiritwear, and more! 

Charter day – Charter day celebrates the awarding of the Royal Charter from King William III and Queen Mary II of England!

DC Semester program – A full time internship and academic semester held in Washington DC!

Entrepreneurship Hub – Home of resources, events, and programs intended to boost your entrepreneurial skills 

Family Weekend – A weekend to invite your family to experience life at William & Mary! This year it will be held October 27-29th

Global Research Institute – Brings together staff and students to apply research to real world problems!

Hearth: Memorial to the Enslaved – A memorial dedicated to the enslaved who helped build the university

Institute for Integrative Conservation – The institute devoted to solving critical conservation issues through research and education

Joint Degree Programme – The Joint Degree Program with the University of St Andrews that allows students to spend two years at both institutions!

Keck Lab – The Keck Lab holds various environmental courses and labs on the shore of Lake Matoaka 

Lemon Project – The Lemon Project builds bridges between William & Mary and African American communities through research, programming, and supporting students, faculty, and staff.

Mason School of Business – Home of the William & Mary business curriculum!

NATO Youth Summit – A worldwide transatlantic conversation that W&M students can attend

Orientation – Your first introduction to your W&M experience!

Pet therapy – Offered at the Wellness Center, therapy pets visit for students to unwind around a furry friend 

Queen Mary – How William & Mary got its name! Queen Mary II of England was a founder along with King William III

Recreational sports – Club and intramural sports for those looking to have some fun while staying fit!

Sunken Garden – the center of campus and a great place to relax with friends!

TWAMP – Typical William & Mary Student!

University Advancement – An arm of the university dedicated to continuing community and philanthropy among alumni, students, parents, and friends

Virginia Institute of Marine Science – Center for research and graduate studies relating to Marine Science!

Wren Building – The oldest university building still in use in the United States!

X-ray crystallography – A unique lab technique used by Professor Pike!

Yule Log Celebration – A winter celebration where students and staff share their traditions and beliefs
Zable Stadium – Home to Tribe football games!

Survival guide to exams 

While it feels like the semester just began, we’re actually already three weeks in! This means that exam season is closing in just as quick as the semester started. There are a few ways to alleviate stress and cramming before they arrive. Now’s a great time to start studying! Here’s a few tips to surviving exams:

  • Spread out study tasks 

Spreading out your tasks helps alleviate anxiety and avoid cramming. Try spreading out your study blocks and assignments not only throughout the day, but also throughout a week. This avoids overloading yourself and your schedule, so tasks seem more manageable. 

  • Study group

A good way to study for exams can be with a group. Getting together with other students from your class to study for the exam together can help you gain new perspectives and possibly catch something you might’ve missed. 

  • Take care of yourself 

Maintaining adequate sleep, self-care habits, drinking lots of water, and setting aside time for decompression are key elements to supporting energy levels when studying for exams. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself!

  • Take the result with a grain of salt 

No matter the outcome of your exam, no grade defines you as a person. Use any mistakes as a way to grow for the next exam.

Choosing a major at W&M

Choosing a major might seem like a daunting task going into college, so taking the time to think about your interests and familiarizing yourself with resources can help you figure out which major to choose!

Step 1: Researching potential options 

The first step is to research potential majors. Think about what you enjoyed in high school and what your career aspirations may be. What majors fit into those categories? 

Step 2: Look into major requirements and offerings 

Each department should have a website with requirements for each major/minor and other useful information like experimental and volunteer opportunities, events, and more to help you get a feel for what each program is like!

Step 3: Narrow down your search

Once you have eliminated some options, you can narrow down your search to a few that best suit you. Consider the requirements, time commitments, and program offerings to narrow down even more to possibly two or three majors. 

Step 4: “Undeclared major”

Once you have narrowed down your options to two, consider picking one to be your primary undeclared major. You could also potentially choose to double major, or have one major and one minor! 

Step 5: Declaring your major 

Once you’ve reached a certain amount of credits (usually during or after your sophomore year), you can declare your major. Keep in mind that you can change your major, but the requirements will also change. 

Outdoor Recreation At W&M 

As the weather gets colder, Williamsburg becomes the perfect place to go for an outdoor adventure. William & Mary offers a variety of outdoor experiences, perfect for a weekend expedition. Tribe Adventure Program holds exciting outdoor activities and trips. Sunset paddle, campfires, a day at the beach, sea kayaking are just some of the things you can register for! Some trips cost a small fee, but the experiences are priceless. TAP also offers leadership positions on TAP trips for those passionate about outdoor recreation! 

Some of the upcoming events include: 

  • Belay Clinics 
  • Camping at Holliday Lake State Park
  • Canoes and Campfires
  • Kiptopeke Beach Camping and Sea Kayaking 
  • Sunset Paddle 

For new freshmen and sophomores, TAP offers a pre-orientation pathway program before you arrive on campus for the first time! During pathways students have the opportunity to participate in exciting outdoor adventures like backpacking the Appalaician all while meeting new people before arriving on campus! 

Click here to learn more:

Click here to register for their programs:

More info on pathways:

 Best restaurants around campus 

If you’re looking for a weekend treat, a night out with friends, exploring Williamsburg, or anything in between, there are so many incredible restaurants near campus. These are a few of my favorites with a personal favorite dish!: 

  • Sals by Victor 

My personal favorite Italian restaurant around campus is Sals by Victor. They offer a variety of pasta, chicken, seafood, pizza, and sweets. It’s just off Richmond Road by Food Lion. Favorite dish: Penne alla vodka 

  • The Cheese Shop

The Cheese Shop is a classic for great sandwiches, cheeses, and more! It’s located in Merchant Square which makes it just a quick walk off campus. Favorite dish: Virginian ham with swiss on focaccia bread

  • Mellow Mushroom 

Mellow Mushroom is a sit down pizza restaurant with customizable pizzas! They also offer salads, calzones, and various appetizers. Mellow Mushroom is also located within the Merchant Square area! Favorite dish: make your own pizza 

  • OishiI

Oishi is the perfect spot for quick Asian cuisine! They offer large portions of delicious yakisoba, hibachi, and sushi! It’s just a short walk from campus located on the outskirts of Colonial Williamsburg. Favorite dish: Chicken hibachi 

  • Wawa

While Wawa may or may not be considered a true restaurant, they offer so many delicious quick bites perfect for college students! Wawa is open late hours, so it’s perfect for a late night snack! Favorite dish: Chicken and cheese quesadilla 

Tips on Creating A Study Schedule 

Welcome or welcome back to William & Mary! The fall 2023 semester is in full swing and classes are starting to increase their workloads. With the upcoming assignments, labs, quizzes, exams, and more, it is extremely important to be organizing your schedule. Here are a few tips on how to create a study schedule:

  1. Plan out commitments 

Classes, clubs, sports, jobs, events, and other activities take up a good portion of a schedule. Putting them on your schedule first is a good reminder of times that are already taken. 

  1. Figure out your learning style 

Things like how difficult your work is, how long it usually takes to complete, and how much work each class has are also helpful when considering how much time you alot to studying 

  1. Creating a schedule 

Try scheduling times around your commitments that would best fit your learning style and needs. Using the information gathered above, schedule in times that would be good for studying! Don’t forget about scheduling breaks!

  1. Sticking to your schedule 

What’s the point of a schedule if it’s not followed? Being consistent with studying and sticking to a schedule is the best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of each day. If your schedule becomes too overwhelming, try altering it! Making and sticking to study schedules can be a bit of trial and error, but finding a system that works for you will greatly help with consistency and efficiency.

 Finding A Healthy Mindset 

Beginning a new semester, whether it be your first college semester or last, can be a whirlwind of emotions. Finding a healthy mindset while surrounded by a new buzzing environment is a daunting, yery necessary task to setting oneself up for a balanced semester. Setting the baseline for what a healthy mindset feels to you at the beginning of the semester can give you something to refer back to if the semester becomes overwhelming and stressful. Finding and maintaining a healthy, positive mindset allows for growth

Consider adding these few tips to your healthy mindset toolbox:  


Accepting who you are and where you are in the moment, places your mindset in the present. It can be easy to hold grudges against the past, but the best way to move forward is accepting the past and present. 


Gratitude can be practiced by mentally listing things you’re grateful for, writing in a journal, etc. However you practice gratitude, the positive action can influence a positive outlook.

Get good sleep

Getting good sleep can be a form of self care. Setting aside the recommended 6-9 hours of sleep replenishes energy needed to power through the day. 

Set aside time for yourself

The very environment of college is centered around academics. Setting aside time for yourself to do fun things like participating in a club, taking a walk around Colonial Williamsburg, or meditating can help balance your mindset.  

Reframe negative self-talk

Stress glorification and negative self-talk can creep in, especially during overwhelming times. Words have more power than they seem, so what you say to and about yourself can affect your mindset. Practice being kind to yourself and you’ll be surrounded by positivity. 

Connect with friends and family  

Just like setting aside time for yourself, spending time with those you care about can help replenish balance and positivity in your day. 

Student Clubs and Organizations 

William & Mary has over 450 clubs and student organizations! With more than enough to choose from, you’re bound to find a group to join. Clubs and organizations are a wonderful way to make new friends, try new things, connect with the community, and obtain leadership positions. 

Here’s a few unique clubs and organizations to consider checking out:

  • American Bosnian Collaboration Project: “A summer service trip focused on education, research, and peace-building with a required government course in the spring semester. We send 4-7 students to Bosnia-Herzegovina to teach English, filmmaking, and non-violent communication in a four week camp. 
  • American Sign Language Club: “William & Mary’s only sign language opportunity on campus – Come join us to learn and practice American sign language in a fun, informal environment while learning about d/Deaf culture and more! All skill levels welcome.”
  • Bullet Journaling Club: “Bujo promotes mental wellness, proactive time management, organization, stress relief, and productivity through the activity of bullet journaling.”
  • Camp Kesem William & Mary: “Camp Kesem is an active community throughout the United States, driven by college students, supporting children through and beyond their parent’s cancer with free year-round services. Camp Kesem’s main program is a week-long sleep away summer camp.”
  • Challah for Hunger at W&M: “Challah for Hunger is an international organization that engages college students in advocacy. At W&M, CfH brings students together not only through the act of baking and eating challah, but also with the power of participating in good deeds.”
  • Cheese Club: “Escape the rigors of college and come join us for cheese tastings in an inclusive, stress-free environment!”
  • Dad Jeans Improv: “ Long form, narrative based improv.” 
  • Drag & Drop: “A safe space for students of any gender and sexual identity to experiment with the art of drag.”
  • Fermentation Club: “Fermentation club will serve as a space for active and hopeful fermenters to gather, share, ideate, and discuss all things fermentation.”
  • Matoaka Bottom Feeders: “The Matoaka Bottom Feeders is a recreational club encouraging fishing. The core purpose of the MBF is to promote fishing as a form of outdoor recreation and to foster a fishing community. Our motto is ‘tight lines and good times.’” 
  • Nerf Games: “Join us every Saturday evening to shoot your friends over and over in foam flinging glory. Open to all.”
  • Random Acts of Kindness Club: “Join us for an opportunity to make a positive impact on our community through small acts of kindness. Take a break from studying and meet new people, all while striving to do something meaningful on campus.”
  • Veggie Society: “The purpose of this organization is to provide a space on campus for those who are interested in plant-based eating and lifestyles to come together.”
  • Wren Pals at William & Mary: “Wren Pals at William & Mary seeks to form meaningful connections between William & Mary students and residents at senior living communities in order to reduce the loneliness and isolation often felt by these individuals.”

For a full list of clubs/organizations: