27 Things To Do Your First Year At W&M

Welcome new students! Joining a college environment introduces you to a plethora of new experiences and opportunities. If you’re looking for something to do when bored or checking off must-have activities, try using this bucket list of 27 things you should do your first year at William & Mary.  

  1. Figure out how to pronounce Botetourt 
  2. Find the old Lake Matoaka Amphitheatre 
  3. Listen to an a capella group perform at Wren 10
  4. Take a class in a subject you’ve never learned about before
  5. Make an account on Tribe Careers
  6. Leave campus by figuring out the WATA bus system 
  7. Stop by your professors’ office hours to get to know them 
  8. Check out a book from Swem
  9. Photograph your favorite spot on campus during all four seasons 
  10. Learn a new campus fun fact when you walk by  a tour group
  11. Connect with Alumni over Homecoming weekend 
  12. Attend an event for a cultural organization that you’re not a member of
  13. Attend a group fitness class at the Rec or Wellness center
  14. Swim in the Rec Center or Adair Hall pool
  15. Try to play it cool after being startled by one of the many campus squirrels
  16. Get some flowers at the weekly Farmers’ Market
  17. Figure out your go-to Wawa order
  18. Submit a call-in order at the Cheese Shop to skip the lines and feel like a local
  19. Take a late night walk through CW
  20. Narrowly miss stepping in horse poop on DOG Street
  21. Travel Europe for the day by going to Busch Gardens
  22. Get your free student pass from Colonial Williamsburg
  23. Compare the fudge at Wythe and Kilwin’s and pick a favorite
  24. Take advantage of living in the city with the most pancake houses per capita
  25. Spend a day at the beach in Yorktown or Jamestown
  26. Collect as many free W&M t-shirts as you can
  27. Put together an IM sports team

Here’s a printout to keep track!

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