One Tribe One Day

One Tribe, One Day (OTOD) is today, March 26, 2024! This annually occurring event centered around supporting the William & Mary community is celebrated across the globe! There are hourly, donor, and area specific challenges that can amount in nearly $1 million in additional support towards William & Mary. You can support specific categories like athletics, arts & sciences, business, libraries, etc. 

There’s also a nationwide list of regional celebrations! Alumni or friends of W&M can celebrate OTOD from their hometown at various restaurants. Students also have the opportunity to join in on the celebrations with Battle of the Brains: Students vs. Deans in a trivia game against W&M deans! 

Additionally, the One Tribe One Day carnival will be held 4-6 in the Sunken Garden! With free food & swag, games, a mechanical surfboard, obstacle course, and a cyclone swing ride, there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Come show your support this Tuesday during One Tribe One Day! 

Learn more about the events happening near you, challenges, and how to get involved here:

How to Study When Tired 

As we’re nearing the end of the semester and work begins to accumulate, stress and procrastination can take over our time. Taking naps and energy drinks might seem like a good solution, but can eventually lead to lots of cramming, stress, and fatigue. Consider trying these strategies to help you effectively study when tired. 

  1. Staying hydrated and nourished

Your body will not be able to focus if it doesn’t have fuel! Make sure you’re drinking enough water and fueling yourself with food to help boost your energy levels.

  1. Take small breaks

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when you’re tired, so taking small breaks during your study sessions can help alleviate any extra stress. 

  1. Change your study area

Let’s face it, the odds of falling asleep after deciding to study on your bed is pretty high. Try switching up your study area whether it be outside for some fresh air or the library to be surrounded by others who are trying to get work done. 

  1. Exercise 

Exercising before you study can help boost your mood and energy levels! It can also help increase focus and you’ll get some movement in!

  1. Prioritize your tasks

Find what is most important to complete and do it first! Ranking your tasks by priority will help you figure out what needs to be done and what you might be able to do later if you don’t get to it that day. 

The Dogs of Williamsburg 

Williamsburg is home to many cute dogs! Between the campus canines and dogs surrounding campus, you’re bound to run into a new furry friend. 

One of the most beloved traditions on campus are the Swem corgis! You can catch these adorable pups in Swem Tuesdays between 2 and 4pm! 

The Wellness Center also has pet therapy! Pet therapy has many benefits such as reducing anxiety and lowering feelings of isolation. Guiness and Stella are two pups that offer pet therapy each week in the Wellness Center Lobby! Nor registration is required and you can pop in for a quick pet if you please. Guinness is available Mondays 11am – 12:30 pm and Stella is available Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am – 1pm. 

You’ll also find a variety of visiting dogs on campus and in the surrounding areas! My favorite event to spot cute dogs is the farmers market! Each Saturday the Williamsburg Farmers Market pops up around Merchant Square along with many cute dogs (and even a bunny sometimes!)

Check out these pics of the dogs of Williamsburg! 

25 Productive things to do when bored

You have a couple homework assignments to complete, but end up cleaning your room instead. We’ve all been there! Procrastination productivity starts to make an appearance around this time when midterm exams are just around the corner. While studying is probably the most productive use of your time, if you’re looking for a break or looking to swap scrolling on your phone for something more productive, check out this list for 25 productive things to do when bored.

  1. Go for a walk / run
  2. Do a puzzle 
  3. Catch up with a friend 
  4. Clean out your email inbox
  5. Do your laundry 
  6. Try a new recipe  
  7. Start or write in a journal 
  8. Organize your files 
  9. Clean your room 
  10. Read a book 
  11. Clean out your car
  12. Draw or paint something  
  13. Call a loved one  
  14. Listen to a podcast  
  15. Learn a new skill 
  16. Crochet or knit  
  17. Update your resume 
  18. Create a bucket list  
  19. Learn a new language 
  20. Meal prep for the week 
  21. Organize your closet 
  22. Do a meditation 
  23. Go to the library 
  24. Volunteer 
  25. Take a nap or do self care 

The Ultimate College Bucket List for Your First Semester

Welcome to the tribe spring transfers! As you begin your journey at William & Mary, consider adding these to your college bucket list. I’ve compiled a list of academic and social ideas to create the ultimate bucket list for your first semester! 

  1. Join a club or organization of something you’re interested in
  2. Explore all floors of Swem
  3. Attend a lecture or workshop outside of your major
  4. Pet a dog at the Williamsburg Farmers Market 
  5. Host a movie or game night to meet new people 
  6. Attend a formal dance or event
  7. Volunteer for a local charity or community event
  8. Start a study group with students in your class 
  9. Go kayaking on Lake Matoaka 
  10. Find your favorite pancake house 
  11. Attend an AMP Event 
  12. Write a letter to your future self to open on graduation day 
  13. Join an intramural or club sports team
  14. Attend a Career Center networking event 
  15. Participate in a research project 
  16. Take a class outside of your comfort zone 
  17. Have a picnic on the Sunken Garden 
  18. Try a fitness or wellness class 
  19. Create a photo diary of your first semester
  20. Connect with other transfer students!

There is Always Time to Close the Textbook – Emma Dunlop

I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say that the week before Thanksgiving is one the hardest of the entire semester. The air is getting colder, the sun is setting sooner, and final exams begin peeking their heads around the corner. The final trek to break can feel endless, as most students try to cram in exam prep, essays, and final assignments.

But is this week of stress worth the almost-week-long break? For many students, Thanksgiving break translates to Thanksgiving “break from my dorm.” It’s common for students to use their time at home to continue studying for final exams and beginning their final projects. However, there is always time to close the textbook, and what better time than Thanksgiving break? Here are some ways to shake off those academic burdens during your time off.

1. Plan out your study schedule for the weeks following the break.

For me, I start to de-stress once I have a plan. If I know how I’m going to accomplish my end-of-semester goals, I’m more comfortable taking time for myself and fueling my body. And, it helps reassure me that I have enough time to get everything done!

2. Make a study playlist in preparation for finals season.

Music is a great way to spice up your studying. With a peppy playlist in hand, the motivation to study after the break is sure to pick up. Say goodbye to study dread during break!

3. Engage in some activities that take your mind off of your classes.

Wind down with a spa day, eat out with some friends, or start crafting for the holiday season. These are great ways to take your mind off school, while still fueling it for the weeks ahead.

It can be hard to completely step back from academics during such a busy time in the semester, but preparation and planning are on your side. Use these tools to ease your mind and make memories during your days away from due dates.

Emma Dunlop is a sophomore intending to major in Marketing here at William & Mary. A transfer student herself, Emma spent her first semester of college in London and arrived on campus in the Spring of 2023. In addition to starting as a STEP blog guest writer this semester, Emma is also a member of the William & Mary Accidentals, the Student Environmental Action Coalition, and Women in Business. She is so excited to get writing!

Tips For Balancing Work And Academic Life 

From someone who currently works two jobs while also a full time student, there are times where it can be overwhelming to balance everything all at once. Here are a few things that I do to keep myself from burning out that might be helpful to those with similar schedules. 


  • Each Sunday I like to look over my week to be aware of important events, tasks, and anything else that needs to be done. This way I have an overview of what my week will look like and an awareness of some tasks that I need to complete by the end of the week. 


  • Recognizing what needs to get done each day and the ranking of importance of each task is extremely helpful for staying on track with limited time 
  • I developed a Need, Want, Can system to rank the importance of completing each task on a given day
  • For example, if my chem homework is tomorrow, I would categorize that as a need task for that day
  • If I have an essay due two weeks I could work on it if I finish all of my need tasks for the day, therefore it would be categorized as a Can task

Time management 

  • I like to insert blocks into my schedule that are dedicated to a specific task or topic. For example, if I have a lot of schoolwork to do, I’ll block 2 hours into parts of my day to complete as many tasks as possible. This can be helpful to ensure you’re making time for everything that needs to be done. 
  • Also, being aware of how long certain tasks take can be helpful for considering time blocking and prioritization of tasks 

Dedicate time for yourself away from work

  • One of the most important aspects of balancing both work and academics is dedicating time for yourself. It can be easy to get wrapped up in all the things that need to be done, but it’s crucial to set boundaries for your physical and mental health

Williamsburg Fall Festivities 

Walking around the beautiful fall campus

William & Mary is beautiful throughout all seasons, but fall brings orange and yellow hues to the trees that make for a picture perfect walk around campus!

Williamsburg Farmers Market 

Every Saturday from 8-12, the Williamsburg Farmers Market emerges in Colonial Williamsburg. Pick up some pastries, fall bouquet, fresh fruit and veggies, and more!

Autumn Artisan Market – Outlets

October 8th, the 60 local artists and craftsmen will be vending a fall artisan market at the Williamsburg Premium Outlets. 

Williamsburg Fall Festival – Midtown Row

On November 11th from 1-5pm, Midtown Row is hosting a fall festival with live music, a mechanical bull, petting zoo, games, and various vendors.  


Busch Gardens Williamsburg is open Thursday through Sunday with Howl-O-Scream  beginning at 6pm. Enjoy 4 shows, 5 scare zones, and 5 haunted houses.

Ghost Tour

On the spookier side of fall, Colonial Williamsburg offers different ghost tours around the town. One includes a ghost tour of campus! 

Things to do on your next weekend adventure 

One of the best things about college is exploring a new place. While Williamsburg might be a small city, it’s filled with rich history and many exciting things to do! 

Try a new coffee shop:

There are so many coffee shops and cafes in Williamsburg. Aromas, Illy cafe, Secret Garden, Another Broken Egg cafe are some of the nearest cafes to campus. Try exploring these and you might find a new study spot!

Go outlet shopping:

The Williamsburg Premium Outlets are a ten minute drive or twenty minute bus drive from campus. With over 100 stores including Nike, American Eagle, and Under Armour, there’s bound to be something that suits you!  

Spend a day at Busch Gardens:

William & Mary is also a short commute to Busch Gardens theme park! It’s a perfect day trip if you’re looking for something exciting to do. Enjoy lots of rides and shows, and for the fall season Howl-O-Scream!

Enjoy the beach at Yorktown:

While this might be a bit farther from campus and usually a summer activity, Yorktown contains a small beach on the York River! Exploring the museums and Riverwalk Landing is a perfect way to spend a day! 

Brunch at a Pancake House: 

Williamsburg is home to the most pancake houses per capita, making it the pancake capital of the world! With this being said, there are so many pancake houses to choose from for a weekend brunch!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch:

Perfect for a fall day, pumpkin patches are a considerable drive or ferry ride from campus, but gathering a group of friends to travel with and planning a day to pick out some pumpkins can be such a fun fall activity! 

Outdoor Recreation At W&M 

As the weather gets colder, Williamsburg becomes the perfect place to go for an outdoor adventure. William & Mary offers a variety of outdoor experiences, perfect for a weekend expedition. Tribe Adventure Program holds exciting outdoor activities and trips. Sunset paddle, campfires, a day at the beach, sea kayaking are just some of the things you can register for! Some trips cost a small fee, but the experiences are priceless. TAP also offers leadership positions on TAP trips for those passionate about outdoor recreation! 

Some of the upcoming events include: 

  • Belay Clinics 
  • Camping at Holliday Lake State Park
  • Canoes and Campfires
  • Kiptopeke Beach Camping and Sea Kayaking 
  • Sunset Paddle 

For new freshmen and sophomores, TAP offers a pre-orientation pathway program before you arrive on campus for the first time! During pathways students have the opportunity to participate in exciting outdoor adventures like backpacking the Appalaician all while meeting new people before arriving on campus! 

Click here to learn more:

Click here to register for their programs:

More info on pathways: