Why To Not Study At The Library And Where To Study Instead 

Not studying in the library can be a hot take, but there are a couple reasons that make the library not the best option for every study session. The environment you study in can greatly impact your concentration and productivity. Because the library is the default study spot for most students, it can get crowded and loud, especially during exam weeks. It can be easy to get distracted while studying at the library with tour groups filtering in and out, friends popping up, and loud study groups even on the upper floors. Similarly, finding a seat in the library is time consuming during peak hours and exam seasons. Whether you’re looking for a fresh space or secret spots, there are a variety of options of where to study instead.

  • When the weather is nice, William & Mary’s campus has many outdoor areas that are favorable to studying. Swem patio tables (with umbrellas!), the Sunken Garden chairs, Sadler Terrace, and the various benches, tables, and chairs around campus are perfect spots to enjoy the outdoors while getting work done! 
  • Another great idea for a study spot are the meeting rooms in ISC. Similar to the study rooms in Swem, there are a number of small meeting rooms in ISC that have whiteboard walls and comfy chairs that are perfect for small groups or a quiet concentration spot. 
  • The Wellness Center is a serene spot to study if you’re looking for nature views and a quiet, air-conditioned environment. They even have comfy chairs and couches surrounded by walls of glass outlooking the trails. 
  • After classes conclude in the academic buildings, classrooms are open for studying. If you have a favorite classroom, consider making it your next study area! 
  • If you have the ability to travel off campus, there are many coffee shops and restaurants where you can study. Aromas is within walking distance from campus, and is a great study spot for those who work well in cafe environments. Restaurants like Panera and Starbucks are farther, but also serve as good places to work!

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