Choosing a major at W&M

Choosing a major might seem like a daunting task going into college, so taking the time to think about your interests and familiarizing yourself with resources can help you figure out which major to choose!

Step 1: Researching potential options 

The first step is to research potential majors. Think about what you enjoyed in high school and what your career aspirations may be. What majors fit into those categories? 

Step 2: Look into major requirements and offerings 

Each department should have a website with requirements for each major/minor and other useful information like experimental and volunteer opportunities, events, and more to help you get a feel for what each program is like!

Step 3: Narrow down your search

Once you have eliminated some options, you can narrow down your search to a few that best suit you. Consider the requirements, time commitments, and program offerings to narrow down even more to possibly two or three majors. 

Step 4: “Undeclared major”

Once you have narrowed down your options to two, consider picking one to be your primary undeclared major. You could also potentially choose to double major, or have one major and one minor! 

Step 5: Declaring your major 

Once you’ve reached a certain amount of credits (usually during or after your sophomore year), you can declare your major. Keep in mind that you can change your major, but the requirements will also change. 

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