W&M Lingo

Here at William and Mary we often use acronyms to describe things around campus. Here is a list of possible lingo you might encounter and what they actually mean:

Bot – Botetourt Complex 

Botetourt is one of W&M’s freshman residence hall complexes. 

Caf – Refers to Commons dining hall 

Commons dining hall is the dining hall closest to most freshman residence halls. 

CLC – Campus Living Center

The CLC is home to Residence Life and STEP

CSD – Center for Student Diversity 

Located inside the Sadler Center, the Center for Student Diversity 

CW – Colonial Williamsburg 

William & Mary is located on the outskirts of Colonial Williamsburg, the world’s largest living history museum!

GGV – Green and Gold Village 

One of W&M’s freshman residence complexes 

ISC – Integrated Science Center 

Where the sciences of W&M are located! Right now ISC 4 is under construction! 

LDOC – Last day of classes

Last day of classes of the semester! 

OTOD – One Tribe One Day

Day for the W&M community to gather and support the people, places, and programs at the university. 

STEP – Office of Student Transition Engagement Programs 

Provides services, outreach, and support to students throughout their experience at W&M!

SA – Student Assembly 

Student government organization and student union

SAS – Student Accessibility Services 

Offers accessibility accommodations upon request

TWAMP – Typical William and Mary Student 

A term used to describe students at William & Mary! 

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