4 Spots That Make W&M Special 

William & Mary is the second oldest university in the country, so campus has been witness to decades of academic success and historical significance. Over time William & Mary has gained specific 

The natural beauty and historical charm of these four key spots help make William & Mary’s campus unique and special. 

  1. Wren Building 

Starting off with arguably the defining building of William & Mary is the Wren building. Not only is it the oldest academic building in America still in use, it is also still home to some classes such as religion. It’s become a tradition that most W&M students try to take at least one class in the Wren building. It also serves as a symbol for the academic journey of students. Students begin their academic journey through the Wren Building during convocation and also conclude their W&M journey back at the Wren Building on their way to Commencement. 

  1. Crim Dell

Crim Dell is another key picture that you’ll see when looking up William & Mary’s campus. The beautiful bridge over a small pond is picturesque in all four seasons and is home to many species of wildlife! (You might spot a turtle when walking from Sadler to ISC!) There’s also a superstition that walking across the bridge with a loved one bonds the two together forever. 

  1. Sunken Garden 

What makes our main garden so special is that it’s sunken! Sunken Garden is located in the center of campus and between two rows of academic buildings. The sunkenness creates a grass border perfect for relaxation or studying! It also serves as a place to hang out with friends and is usually the main location for special events like homecoming and formals! 

  1. Martha Wren Briggs Amphitheatre

At William & Mary we are blessed with the backdrop of Lake Matoaka on the outskirts of campus. The Martha Wren Briggs Amphitheatre frames the lake which makes it the ideal place to observe it or attend outdoor concerts! There’s also sometimes special events like sunset yoga that take place underneath the amphitheater stage itself. 

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