10 College Productivity Tips

  1. Invest in good noise canceling headphones – good for blocking out noisy areas when studying! 
  1. Get 8 hours of sleep each night – sleep is so essential for retaining energy and a clear headspace
  1. Utilize a planning system that works for you – whether it be paper or digital, finding a planning system that works for you helps you stay on track
  1. Take short breaks during your day – make sure to get some fresh air and movement throughout the day! Breaks are equally as important as work blocks
  1. Prepare your things the night before – having everything ready the night before relieves morning stress!
  1. Put your phone on do not disturb during the day – don’t let your phone become a distraction 
  1. Begin and end your day without screens – I love doing this to help me wake up and wind down. 
  1. Break down your assignments into smaller tasks – If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by your assignments try breaking them down into smaller tasks 
  1. Get your hardest work completed first – Eat the frog! Once you get the hardest things out of the way, it only gets easier
  1. Set up a routine / schedule that incorporates time for all aspects of your life (academics, personal time, exercise, etc.) – Possibly the most important thing to do in college! Finding time for everything can be daunting and overwhelming, but making sure you’re not focusing too much on one aspect of your life and taking the time to explore your interests to get the most out of your college experience! 

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