How To Avoid Academic Burnout

Burnout is something most students experience and can stem from over-studying or an unbalanced schedule. It’s important to take care of our well-being to have a successful semester since it is multidimensional and requires physical, mental, and emotional care. Here are some quick tips to help you prevent and recover from academic burnout: 

  • Leave one day for minimal to no work: setting time aside for self care, personal activities, and a break from schoolwork might sound daunting at first. However, dedicating this time to yourself can be more beneficial than trying to work non stop everyday. Take the time to replenish your sleep, check in with your health, and do something you’ve been looking forward to!
  • Have 3-5 attainable goals a day: too many tasks can be overwhelming and unrealistic. Try limiting yourself to the tasks of highest priority each day.
  • Break tasks into smaller tasks: sometimes making tasks into smaller ones can give the impression of getting more done when checking off tasks. This can help you maintain motivation to get work done. 
  • Listen to your emotions: if you feel extremely overwhelmed, it’s time to take a break. Take time to rest and recharge so you can return ready. 
  • Set boundaries: learn to say no to things you don’t have time for / don’t want to do.
  • Reflect on what caused previous burnouts: how were previous burnouts sparked? What did you do to recover? How can you realistically avoid the causes in the future? 

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