Tips On Getting Involved In Research

Research is a core part of William & Mary. Getting involved in research with professors can seem intimidating at first, but here are a few tips on pursuing opportunities at William & Mary. 

  1. Timing is key 

The first step in solidifying a spot on a research project is figuring out when you would like to participate. Are you looking for a single semester project? Maybe a lab group to stick with for a longer time period? Asking these questions can help you and the professor you reach out to better understand what type of research position you’re seeking. 

  1. Make sure research aligns with your aspirations  

Participating in research related to your major or area of interest will not only contribute to your resume, but also provide you with useful knowledge and skills towards a future career. An email with more personal connections to the research can stand out to a professor. 

  1. Reaching out to professors 

There are a few things to include in your email to professors when asking about research positions. Make sure to research about the research the professor you are reaching out to has done / is currently working on. It can be helpful to include reasons why you are interested in working specifically with them and how you can contribute to the lab group / research. A brief description of your career goals and how they align with the research also is helpful to include. Setting up a time to talk in person can help the professor get to know you better and discuss what projects might be of interest. 

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