Preparing For a New Semester 

As we near the last month of summer, consider taking the time to prepare yourself for the upcoming semester. Everyone has their unique way of greeting a new academic semester. Here are a few ideas of how to prepare yourself for a new set of courses, exams, and a new schedule. 

  1. Set up a planner or calendar 

Setting up a planner or calendar with important due dates for assignments, exam dates, social commitments, work tasks, and more will give you an overview of what your schedule looks like and help you keep track of deadlines. 

  1. Take a walk around campus 

If it’s your first semester on campus, consider taking a walk around, go inside buildings, find roughly where your classes are to familiarize yourself with where everything is so you don’t lose time on the first day. 

  1. Begin creating a steady sleep schedule 

During summer it can be easy to lose track of a steady sleep schedule, so a couple weeks before arriving on campus consider setting up a schedule as you would for school. 

  1. Familiarize yourself with available resources 

There are so many great resources around William & Mary’s campus that are there to aid your academic and well-being needs. Similar to taking a walk around campus, familiarize yourself with the campus resources like the Wellness Center, Recreation Center, Dining Halls, Writing Center, etc. 

  1. Ask Questions 

Beginning a new semester can be a confusing time especially if beginning your very first year at university. Taking the time to ask questions whether it be to professors, faculty, or other students, can help you gain a better understanding of what to expect in the upcoming semester!

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