Staying in Touch: Campus Communication 

Communication around campus is vital towards staying connected and up-to-date. There are a few ways William & Mary undertakes communication and additional ways you can stay in the loop. 


Everything from important updates to giveaways to internship opportunities are communicated by the many different emails you’ll receive. 

Student Happenings: 

Student Happenings emails contain information on upcoming events and announcements semi-weekly. They can be extremely helpful for finding research and job opportunities, being reminded of upcoming events, finding new clubs, and more!

Campus Corner by Auxiliary Services: 

Auxiliary Services are in charge of dining, transportation, spirit, and tribe card services. Campus Corner emails are sent out monthly and contain updates on mostly dining events & changes and parking & transportation information. 

William & Mary Athletics: 

Emails from William & Mary Athletics contain the latest information on sporting events and games!

Career Conversations:

Career Conversations by Tribe Careers contain information on job and career opportunities personalized to your interests. Signing up for their email list will introduce you to career advancement opportunities like resume building workshops, and also deliver information on new job opportunities and recruitment events!

Student Affairs:

Student Affairs email when there’s important information on anything that concerns students. For a better example, Student Affairs have sent emails on last day of class activities, graduating surveys, campus policies, and construction updates. 

Social Media 

While you’re automatically enrolled in most emails, you can gain additional information on the latest news, upcoming events, free giveaways, and more from following these social media accounts:





And club and organization accounts!

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