Finding A Healthy Mindset 

Beginning a new semester, whether it be your first college semester or last, can be a whirlwind of emotions. Finding a healthy mindset while surrounded by a new buzzing environment is a daunting, yery necessary task to setting oneself up for a balanced semester. Setting the baseline for what a healthy mindset feels to you at the beginning of the semester can give you something to refer back to if the semester becomes overwhelming and stressful. Finding and maintaining a healthy, positive mindset allows for growth

Consider adding these few tips to your healthy mindset toolbox:  


Accepting who you are and where you are in the moment, places your mindset in the present. It can be easy to hold grudges against the past, but the best way to move forward is accepting the past and present. 


Gratitude can be practiced by mentally listing things you’re grateful for, writing in a journal, etc. However you practice gratitude, the positive action can influence a positive outlook.

Get good sleep

Getting good sleep can be a form of self care. Setting aside the recommended 6-9 hours of sleep replenishes energy needed to power through the day. 

Set aside time for yourself

The very environment of college is centered around academics. Setting aside time for yourself to do fun things like participating in a club, taking a walk around Colonial Williamsburg, or meditating can help balance your mindset.  

Reframe negative self-talk

Stress glorification and negative self-talk can creep in, especially during overwhelming times. Words have more power than they seem, so what you say to and about yourself can affect your mindset. Practice being kind to yourself and you’ll be surrounded by positivity. 

Connect with friends and family  

Just like setting aside time for yourself, spending time with those you care about can help replenish balance and positivity in your day. 

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