Planning Using PACE Goals

William & Mary has so much to offer in academics, wellness, career development and more. Trying to fit all aspects of the college experience into a daily schedule can be difficult, but consider trying the PACE goal guide when planning out your day. I created PACE goals during online learning as a way to maintain balance in my schedule throughout the day. PACE goals work by separating different tasks or goals into four main categories: personal, academic, creative, and exercise. I chose these four categories from figuring out what makes my day feel the most productive and complete. PACE goals are helpful because they allow for you to prioritize, organize, and create an overview of your balanced day. 

Prioritizing tasks and goals by choosing the most important helps separate the essential tasks for each day. 

P – Personal

  • Personal tasks and goals are those that are dedicated for you. 
  • Some examples of personal tasks could be journaling, reading, meditating, etc. 
  • The Wellness Center is a great resource for dedicating time towards personal tasks. 

A – Academic

  • Academic tasks and goals are those that are dedicated for school. 
  • Some examples of academic tasks could be completing a homework assignment, studying for an exam, etc. 
  • The Writing Resource Center is a great resource for strengthening writing and communication skills.

C – Creative / Career

  • Creative tasks and goals are those that dedicate time towards making something. These tasks are designed to minimize screen time and create anything from a small doodle to baking a cake.  
  • C could also stand for career. Career tasks and goals are those that dedicate time towards developing your career. Consider checking out the Cohen Career Center for assistance towards applying for jobs and professional development. 
  • Some examples of creative tasks could be drawing, painting, baking, crochet, etc. 
  • Some examples of career tasks could be creating a resume, taking professional headshots, applying for jobs, etc. 
  • The Makerspace in Swem Library is a great resource for a variety of creative projects. 

E – Exercise 

  • Exercise tasks and goals are those that dedicate time for movement. 
  • Some examples of exercise tasks could be specific workouts, minutes of movement, rest days etc. 
  • The Campus Recreation Center is a great  resource for exercise tasks. 

Example of a PACE goal

P: read 10 pages

A: study for my upcoming chemistry test

C: Bake cookies

E: 30 minutes of movement 

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