DIY self care kit for finals week 

Finals officially begin next week! While studying takes up a majority of students’ time in these next two weeks, it’s important to remind ourselves to stay well during this time of stress. Having a toolbox of resources to assist with physical, emotional, and academic and wellness during finals can be helpful! Here are a few things, both material and conceptual, to add to your DIY self care kit for finals week! 

  1. Reusable water bottle – keeping a water bottle with you while studying helps maintain hydration which increases energy levels! 
  1. Journal – keeping a journal, notebook, or even a sticky note to write down anything that comes to mind helps minimize distractions and express your feelings 
  1. A good playlist – for study breaks or even studying itself! Something enjoyable like music can put you in a good mood for the day!
  1. Snacks – don’t forget to fuel for studying! Find some snacks from around campus that you can eat while studying!
  1. Comfortable clothes – being comfortable while studying will further minimize distractions 
  1. Blanket – If your room gets cold, try having a blanket on hand 
  1. Free campus events – keep an eye out for free campus events that can act as a fun study break! You might even be able to score some free food!
  1. Study timetable – knowing your schedule for the day/week will keep you on track by knowing what to do and when! 
  1. Essential oils – if you enjoy calming scents like lavender, try utilizing essential oils!
  1. Coffee and tea station – the coffee and tea stations in Caf and Swem are great for a quick and easy study beverage
  1. Set breaks – giving yourself time to do other things like hang out with friends, take a walk, sleep, read, etc. is one of the best ways to decompress 

Romanticizing studying and having a variety of resources you can use during finals helps minimize distractions which will keep you energized and focused! Best of luck everyone! 

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